Non-Surgical Treatments


All too often, people regret the tattoos that, at one time, seemed like a good idea, which is why laser tattoo removal remains a popular procedure at Cosmedicare. Our medical grade laser is designed specifically for tattoo removal and has interchangeable heads that allow us to address different colours.


What’s great about this procedure is that the risk for scarring is extremely low, especially when compared to the original dermabrasion technique that resulted in significant scarring.


Six to twenty sessions are typically needed to complete laser tattoo removal. While colours like black and red are treated most successfully, green and yellow are much more difficult. Sessions are performed every four to six weeks, which allows the skin ample time to heal. And while there is no guarantee that we can remove your tattoo, we can say that most of our patients are pleased because their tattoo either disappears or is hardly visible. Surgical tattoo removal options are also available.


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