Acne Treatments

Acne scars can be very difficult to treat. They are formed when the inflammation secondary to the acne causes the tissue under the skin to dissolve and the resulting scar is often stuck to the deeper tissues.



There are many techniques that can be used to try to improve acne scarring:


  • Dermal fillers – Fillers and fat can be used to try to create separation between the skin and underlying scar tissue. Then hopefully some of your own collagen can grow, giving a long term result.
  • Subcision – A needle is used to separate the skin and scar tissue, allowing for the growth of your own collagen.
  • Excision – The deep scars can be directly excised with a stitch or two placed to create a small, smooth line on the skin that fades with time. Without the deep depression, no shadow will be cast which makes the face look much smoother.
  • Fraxel® – Fraxel® is a non-ablative laser that stimulates the production of collagen and can lessen the appearance of acne scarring with several sessions.
  • Laser resurfacing or dermabrasion – This is a deep process which allows fresh new skin to appear in areas that were previously scarred. It works best in combination with the other techniques.


It is important to remember that the goals in improving acne scarring need to remain realistic. We always try for a 50% improvement with our acne scar treatment, however, some patients have acne scarring that is so deep and extensive we may only get a small improvement. During consultation you will be able to get an idea of what to expect.


In general, acne scar revision can give a nice improvement by using multiple techniques that have a pretty easy recovery period.


For more information about the skin rejuvenation options available at Cosmedicare, please call to arrange a consultation.