Breast Lift

From £6500 (£7900 Including Implants)


Over time, gravity has an effect on the breast area. A breast lift can remove the drooping appearance in the breasts by eliminating extra skin and tightening the skin of the breast area, “lifting” the breasts to a firmer, more attractive position. Repositioning and improvements in the appearance of the areola (the dark-pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) can also be achieved via a lift. It is however important to understand that although a breast lift can create a more youthful-looking cleavage, it will not deliver volume or fullness to the breasts.  This can be achieved by a breast lift in combination with breast augmentation.


Breast lift surgery can provide a number of cosmetic benefits and address a range of concerns, but it may not be the best option for everyone. As pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch the skin of the breasts, our plastic surgeons can discuss alternatives to breast lift surgery for women who are planning to have children in the future to ensure the decisions you make today and not regretted in the future.


At your initial consultation, one of our team will discuss all aspects of the procedure with you, and address any questions or concerns you may have. You will also have the opportunity to view a computer-generated image of your likely results with the Crisalix 3D imaging system. This technology is capable of combining patient data with a scan of your breast area to form an image of the possible outcome. This technology can give you a general idea of how you may look after surgery.


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