Dr. Zahrine O'Brien

GP & Aesthetic Doctor

Dr. O’Brien is a fully qualified and experienced GP, who operates both as a locum and also providing private health assessments. Having trained in Facial Aesthetics in Glasgow in 2011, Zahrine has been providing Facial Aesthetic treatments consistently and frequently for over 8 years. Dr. O’Brien uses premium products such as Allergan Botox and Juviderm Facial Fillers to soften lines and give our clients a fresh, natural look. Specific areas include forehead, frown, crow’s lines, smile lines (marionettes), nasolabial lines, lips, acne scarring and other treatments as required. Zahrine aims to provide excellent care and make the patient experience as comfortable as possible, whilst developing a long lasting relationship based on trust which allows our patients to address their areas of concerns at a pace they are comfortable with. The non-surgical aesthetic industry has grown massively over the past decade in what it can offer non-surgically and as such, Zahrine has followed these developments and trained to include some of the most effective non-surgical treatments available in aesthetic practice. Finally, Dr. O’Brien applies the same standards, quality control and ethics as that of her NHS hospital practice to her aesthetic medicine practice with safety being paramount at all times.