Face Lift


Ageing of the face is a process that involves many factors. The two primary factors are the downward pull of gravity and the loss of fullness (fatty tissue) in the face. Gravity causes jowls to form, due to sagging in the jawline. It also causes the neck to droop which is sometimes called “turkey neck”. The loss of fatty tissue can accentuate the “smile lines” and cause hollow appearance under the cheeks and around the eyes. Each person is different in how he or she ages and the approach for each patient needs to be individualised for the best results.

Your Facelift Consultation

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons will analyse your face during your consultation, and, together with your input, they will determine the best plan for your facial rejuvenation or facelift. We use computer imaging to help you understand what a particular procedure might do for you. It is extremely important that our patients have realistic expectations.

Combining Facelift with Other Procedures

The facelift procedure can be done by itself or in conjunction with other procedures. For example:


  • Fat injections are often done at the same time to improve the smile lines and creases between the nose and lips. This improves the loss of fullness that occurs with facial ageing.
  • A cheeklift can raise the sagging cheeks at the same time as a facelift.
  • Eyelid surgery and brow-lifting can also be added to completely rejuvenate your face.


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