Fat Transfer


Fast Facts

Surgery Time:


Hospital Stay:

daycase or overnight


6 weeks

Time Off Work

1-2 weeks

Full Recovery

6-12 months

Fat transfers can enhance your appearance by adding volume to specifically targeted areas of your face or body for a more desirable contour, as well as combat signs of ageing via rejuvenation. This innovative procedure removes  excess fat from one area of the body which is then refined, purified, and injected into the target site you wish to add volume to improve. Transferring of fat, sometimes referred to as fat grafting or fat injections, requires no surgical or scalpel incisions at the target site, which means there if often no scarring and very natural-looking results can be achieved.

Fat transfer can be used to enhance, augment, or rejuvenate the following areas:



The Face 

Fat transfers can provide a more natural and longer lasting alternative to cosmetic injectables such as facial fillers and restore loss of facial volume due to the aging process. This procedure can be used to address concerns including hollowed cheeks or temples, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, depressed tear troughs, and other deep creases or wrinkles.



The Breasts 

For patients seeking breast augmentation or reconstruction without the use of implants, fat transfer can produce a natural look and feel. Some women opt for a fat transfer breast augmentation instead of implants as they would prefer to use their own fat to fill out their bust whilst eliminating stubborn areas of fat from other areas of their body.  By adding volume to the breasts while simultaneously removing excess fat from a donor site such as the abdomen, women are able to achieve an even more shapely silhouette. It is however important to understand that not all fat transferred during the procedure may be viable, and weight loss or gain following your procedure may affect your long term results – your surgeon will discuss this with you during consultation.



The fatty tissue used in the transfer is often harvested from a donor area of the body such as the arms, thighs, love handles, back, or abdomen using liposuction. The recovery period for this procedure is typically 1-2 weeks. Since a portion of the transferred fat is typically absorbed by the body, your final results may not be visible until several weeks after your procedure. Patients who choose fat transfer can benefit from the redistribution of the body’s own fat for a more shapely, youthful figure.



During the initial consultation, your surgeon will conduct a physical examination to determine your suitability for fat transfer and if the technique can fulfil your cosmetic goals. If you are not suitable, we can advise of more appropriate options available.



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