Fibroblast Non Surgical


If you’re feeling the signs of agin, but you’re not quite ready to take surgical action, then fibroblast may be the solution for you…


Fibroblast is a revolutionary new procedure which requires NO surgery. That’s right, not a scalpel or needle in sight. The procedure has been designed to lift and tighten the skin with almost instant results with a non-surgical, non-invasive approach, shrinking excess skin, banishing bags and wiping away wrinkles. Sounds too good to be true right – but it actually works…


The fibroblast hand-piece delivers plasma flashes with micro-millimetre precision. These point flashes minimise the skin in its immediate vicinity, which reduces excess skin, tightening the area as it heals. A series of tiny brown spots are strategically placed, targeting the blasts in areas which require treatment for tightening or firming.


The skin around the spots tighten as it heals, pulling surrounding cells closer together to achieve the desired results.


Fibroblast for Eyelids


After treatment eyelids feel tighter, lighter and the upper heavy lid and lower bulging bag area is drastically improved. The lids are smoother, rejuvenated and without excess folds of skin, which not only turns back the clock, but also allows make up application to be smoother and longer lasting.


Our experienced advanced aestheticians offer fibroblast treatments for the face, neck, joule and body. Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons offer surgical blepharoplasty and skin tightening solutions for those considering more advanced treatment options.


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