Transgender Chest Construction

FTM/N chest reconstruction surgery, also known as “top surgery,” is a solution for transgender men or non-binary transgender people who wish to achieve a more masculine looking appearance by reducing the size of or removing their breasts.


The ultimate goal of surgery is to make you feel more comfortable with your body by better aligning your physical characteristics with your internal sense of self and the self you want to present to the world. The relief surgery provides can enhance both your feelings of self-esteem and body confidence.

Choosing to undergo surgery is a complex process shaped by internal feelings and philosophies as well as by external circumstances such as your overall health, your ability to travel for surgery and your current financial status.


As with any major life decision, it’s normal to have some doubt and anxiety. At Cosmedicare, we aim to provide you with in-depth information on FTM/N surgical techniques, recovery, safety and expected results so that you can make an informed choice.


We have designed this section of the website to help you become comfortable with the idea of permanent change and answer important questions such as:


  • How much time will I need off from work?
  • What results are realistic?
  • How will my chest appear after surgery?
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of surgery?
  • How can I speed up healing?


If you have additional questions after reading and considering the information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team – we’d be happy to go through any further details with you over the phone, or arrange a personal consultation.


FTM/n chest surgery can certainly enhance your self-esteem and body confidence. It’s also important to maintain realistic expectations throughout the consultation and surgical process. There are trade-offs and potential complications with nearly every surgical procedure.


Every patient is unique, so it’s not entirely possible to predict your final chest appearance or if you will experience changes in sensation after surgery. It’s also important to remember that additional procedures may be necessary to give you the final results you desire.

Cosmedicare Patients

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