Pregnancy services: Group B Streptococcus Screening

Group B streptococcus is the UK’s most common cause of life threatening infections in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies up to 3 months

Most Group B Streptococcus infections (GBS) can be prevented by giving IV antibiotics to mums who carry GBS at the start of labour.

Screening is not routinely offered in The NHS.

Screening ideally should be done in the last 5 weeks of pregnancy to best predict GBS carriage around the time of delivery.


GBS Screening packs contain:

  • Two swabs – rectal and vaginal
  • Request form
  • Postal pathology pack
  • Post-paid padded envelope
  • Easy to follow instructions


Group B Streptococcus kit: £35


Patient Information:

Kits can be purchased from the Private Medical Services at Life Fit.

Swabs are taken by the patient at home.

Swabs and completed forms are placed in the envelope provided and posted


Swabs should not be taken if patient is on antibiotics as this can interfere with the results


Results are available within three workingdays of receipt of the swabs

Results will be sent to the patient and a copy to Dr Dickson at Life Fit


GBS isolated – positive result

GBS not isolated -Negative result