Health MOT

Your body is a little like a car – as it ages areas can function less well or can become defective.

We make sure our cars are regularly serviced and have a yearly MOT to get the best out our cars, maybe we should be as kind to our bodies.

At Cosmedicare, we realise your Heath is important – regular health checks and screening can pick up conditions promptly allowing for early treatment and hopefully prevention or reduction of complications from undetected conditions.


What to expect at your appointment…


Before you arrive at the clinic, you should complete the Health Questionnaire that will have been sent or emailed to you. This helps us to understand your background health, medical conditions and current treatments. If you are unsure of any questions, don’t worry, we will run through it all during your health screening.



When you arrive for your medical you will be met by our friendly reception staff.

The Nurse will see you first. She will check your height, weight, measure your waist and hips. She will check your blood pressure and conduct a heart tracing test (ECG). While you are comfy on the couch, we complete another set of tests called a body stat. This is painless and involves sticking adhesive tabs on your wrist and ankle to tell us what your body is made up of. This is useful for giving dietary advice.

Finally, our Nurse takes a blood sample and will also test a urine sample.


The blood test includes:

  • Full blood count
  • Kidney and liver function
  • Cholesterol and Lipid Profile
  • Thyroid function
  • Glucose control – random glucose and HbA1c that looks at longer term control
  • PSA for men and Ca125 for women


After you have seen the Nurse, you will move through to see Dr Terrina Dickson. She will run through your questionnaire and chat through and worries or concerns. Next she will discuss the results from the Nurse, though the blood tests will take a few days to be reported. Finally you will have a physical examination.


For men there is the option of a testicular examination, and for the ladies a breast examination. These are not compulsory and if you do not feel comfortable having these examinations just let Dr Dickson know and she can talk you through self-examination.

If there are any other test or investigations you are interested in please feel free to discuss during the consultation, or when booking if you would like to have these at the same appointment – additional costs will be discussed prior to your appointment.




Your results will be received and reviewed by Dr Dickson within 2-3 working days. If there is a significant result she will ring you directly to discuss. For all other results she will complete a detailed report and you should receive this within 14 days. Once you have received your report we recommend you read it through and if you are unsure of anything you can email Dr Dickson with any queries. If you prefer to discuss things further face to face this can be arranged , however it is not included in the health MOT package and additional costs will be applicable.