Leg Veins

The aim of varicose vein treatment is to remove the underlying cause of the veins as well as the visible varicose veins themselves.  This not only gives the best possible result in the short term, but also the lowest possible chance of recurrence in the long term.


In order to do this, at Cosmedicare we use a co-ordinated system with the best possible understanding of what the problem is and then tailor the treatment individually to that patient. This may involve a laser based or injectable treatment, or where required a surgical treatment with a Consultant Vascular Surgeon may be more appropriate.


By using our assessment protocol, we can work out exactly what pattern of problem each individual patient has and ensure each patient accesses the very best individually tailored treatment plan.


Because we offer tailored treatment plans  we are sometimes unable to give exact prices until we have performed the extended venous duplex ultrasound scan performed by our specialist technologists.


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