MTF Breast Augmentation and Regret

Though the decision to undergo male-to-female breast augmentation surgery can dramatically enhance your confidence and sense of self, it’s a life-changing decision that requires careful thought and consideration. MTF breast augmentation is a very personal decision that shouldn’t be based on someone else’s expectations of your body and you should always take the time to consider all of your options.


Regret is a common fear among most patients prior to surgery. It’s normal to experience hesitation in the face of permanent change, but the vast majority of MTF breast augmentation patients do not regret their decision.


The best cure for regret is prevention. You and your doctors should make every effort to make sure a responsible decision is being made. This means that you must meet some very important criteria for surgery:


  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are physically and psychologically stable
  • You have completed 3 months or more of therapy
  • You possess a letter of recommendation from your therapist or medical practitioner
  • You are comfortable with both the risks and benefits of surgery


Prior to surgery you should be working with a mental health professional to determine your goals and expectations.


Most transgender women live in their desired gender on a daily basis for many months in advance of electing surgery.

Our team will be able to determine if MTF breast augmentation is right for you following a physical examination and a thorough discussion of your medical history and surgical goals.



Though uncommon, it’s possible to reverse MTF breast augmentation. However, it’s important to note that your breasts will probably never look as they once did. Over time, your chest tissue will stretch out to accommodate your implants. If you choose to have them removed, it’s likely that you will have a significant amount of loose or sagging skin. A subsequent breast lift may be necessary to normalize the appearance of your chest.


Another important factor to consider is scarring. Scars are permanent marks on the body, which means they will still be present if you were to remove your implants.



Though it’s possible to experience back pain with very large implants, it’s unlikely following MTF breast augmentation. Unlike large natural breast tissue, implants stay in their place, in the upper region of the chest. In most instances, back pain results from large natural breasts that droop, creating a gravitational pull against the back that acts as a sort of ‘leverage’, compounding back discomfort from large breasts.