Quick Guide to FTM Incision Options

Do you have medium to large chest (cup size C and above) and significantly sagging skin?

double incision top surgery is the perfect fit to help reconstruct male chest contours and appropriately positioned nipples.

Quick note: Keep in mind that sensation may not return in the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) or nipple because the nerves are cut when the nipple or areola is removed.


Do you have medium to large chest and with significant sagging skin but would like to retain sensation?

An inverted T (anchor) incision keeps the nipple and areola attached to native body tissue, reducing the risk of complete nipple loss (since there is no need for a nipple graft),  and having a nipple and areola that are fuller in appearance.

Quick note: In this incision, you have to be comfortable with having two extra vertical incisions.


Do you have medium-sized chest, has good skin elasticity, and would like to retain areola and nipple sensation?

Opt for the circumareolar incision. In this type, a circular incision is made all the way around the edge of the areola to remove breast tissue. A slightly larger incision in the form of a ring is then made to remove excess skin. The skin is pulled toward the center and the nipple is reattached to cover the opening

Quick note: Revision may be required for this type of incision such as additional liposuction.


What if you have small-sized breasts and has good skin elasticity?

The keyhole top incision is highly recommended. A tiny incision is made under or across the lower border of the areola.

Quick note: A keyhole incision can remove underlying tissue but it cannot address excess skin.


What if I have very small chests?

You’re a candidate for liposuction incision. requires only a very small incision that can often be concealed near the armpits. Incisions are usually about 4 mm in length and result in minimal scarring. This technique is often used in conjunction with the aforementioned techniques.


How do I determine the best FTM incision type for me?

Our website and other online resources can be informative regarding the different incision types for your female to male top surgery. However, consultation is key to determining the most appropriate option for you, and involves open honest communication between you and your surgeon to reach an informed decision on your way forward.