Sensation after MTF Breast Augmentation Surgery

The goal of MTF breast augmentation is to create a more feminine-looking chest. Through the insertion of saline or silicone breast implants, your surgeon enhance the size and shape of your chest. Though it may be easy to get caught up in the aesthetic changes that result from breast augmentation, it’s important to remember that breast augmentation also may create changes in sensation.


Realistic expectations are key to patient satisfaction. Prior to surgery, it’s essential that you understand the full scope of your procedure, including the associated risks and benefits.


Our team at Cosmedicare will cover these topics at length during your personal consultation, and most commonly invite you to attend second consult after you have had time to research and process the information provided.



Breast augmentation is a significant surgical procedure, which means that it will take time for your body to heal and recover. Most patients require at least a week of rest before resuming work and other low impact activities. While rigorous physical activities should be restricted for about six weeks, or until the medical team you the green light.


Bruising, swelling and some physical discomfort are common during these initial stages of recovery, and may affect breast sensation. However, these effects will gradually dissipate over the course of a few weeks. Once the nerves have fully recovered, the sensation in most patients’ breasts should return.



In the weeks following breast augmentation, it’s normal to experience changes in sensation or numbness. For most patients, these changes are only temporary (but in some cases, may last for up to two years). However, it is possible that your nipples or lower breast tissue will permanently lose sensation – either partially or completely – following breast augmentation.


The risk of permanent nipple numbness is about 15 %. If you feel that permanent nipple numbness would cause you to regret your decision to undergo breast augmentation, then it may not be the right procedure for you.


Additionally, the opposite outcome – amplified nipple sensation – is also possible following breast augmentation and can be somewhat uncomfortable. This post-surgical side effect is almost always temporary and usually resolves on its own within a few weeks.



MTF breast augmentation can do more than just transform your physical appearance; it can transform your self-esteem and body confidence. Following surgery, most patients report feeling more comfortable in their own skin and as a result, also report increased sexual satisfaction.


It is important to note that your body needs time to rest and recover followings surgery. This means that sexual activity (and most forms of intimacy), like all physical activity, should be avoided for at least six weeks