Vaser Liposuction


Fast Facts

Surgery Time:


Hospital Stay:



6 weeks

Time Off Work

1-2 weeks

Full Recovery

6-12 months

Unlike the conventional liposuction techniques, VASER Lipo utilizes cutting-edge ultrasound technology crafted to reform your body. The uniqueness of the VASER Lipo procedure lies in its capacity to recognize and distinguish fatty tissue from other vital tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.


VASER technology disintegrates fat meanwhile other vital bodily tissues are preserved in the process. Thus, the procedure promotes desirable results and swift healing. The nature of VASER Lipo makes it most suitable for patients with poor skin elasticity as the traditional liposuction may not be sufficient enough to endure skin retraction.

What is the cost of VASER Liposuction?


The price of VASER lipo is determined by the size and number of the regions to be treated. This will be discussed at your consultation. Our prices for the varying categories of the surgery are based on complexity and time taken at the theatre.

Once your assessment is concluded, confirmation of the final cost of your treatment will be given to you. Our usual Scotland-wide like for like best price promise applies.


VASER Liposuction is an elective medical procedure to eliminate fat from your body via keyhole surgical operation. As time passes, fat accumulates resulting in the ineffectiveness of exercising and dieting in an attempt to lose it. VASER Liposuction comes into effect in this kind of situation by removing excess fat from your body.


In addition to its efficiency in body fat removal, VASER liposuction also distinguishes fatty tissues from other vital tissues such as blood and nerve vessels, picking out just the fat that needs to be eliminated. This results in desirable outcomes and a speedy recovery period.

Research has shown that VASER liposuction can lead to diverse degrees of skin tightening. The skin quality and elasticity have a crucial role to play in the concluding results.

Chin & Neck

Changes to our appearance over time occur naturally, it just so happens unfortunately that these changes may cause the lower section of the face, which is otherwise known as the jowls to look baggy. This facial loosening alters the appearance around the jawline, and in most cases results in a ‘Double chin’. VASER liposuction procedure carried out in this region very often contributes to the treatment plan which may involve additional treatments like mini-facelift and non-invasive skin tightening.



Accumulated fat in the arms can prove difficult to shift regardless of exercise and cautious eating. The flabby triceps region otherwise referred to as ‘bingo wings’ is a frequent challenge. VASER liposuction exceptionally reforms the arm. Removal of excess skin and arm size reduction may sometimes require a separate surgical operation.



A very commonly treated region particularly in women who have had children is the abdomen which is usually called the tummy. VASER liposuction is most effective for this and can trim down the waistline to a large extent.


VASER lipo on the flanks, otherwise known as ‘love handles’, is very popular for patients as it produces a good finish and reduces the overall midsection, instead of simply adjusting the front section of the tummy.


Additional surgery may be required to reduce excess skin for women with large abdomen. The tummy tuck is a commonly used treatment method. It is also called abdominoplasty.



The flanks, which are also known as ‘love handles’ is the area located directly above the waistline. Discomfort is felt in this region of the body most times when an outfit made of cotton material is worn, it can sometimes be embarrassing.



This is very likely the most common body region to have laser lipo as it’s a section of the body to which fat deposits are most noticeable. Stubborn fat deposits here may result in discomfort with walking and can cause several levels of rubbing to happen within the thigh, more lately referred to as ‘chub rub’ in the media.


The treatments of the inner and outer thigh are carried out simultaneously, to tremendously reduce the girth of the thigh by liposuction. This transformation of the thigh results in the improvement of appearance as well as ease of movement (walking).



There is fewer treatment request for this body region because of the current beauty trend, nonetheless, desired results are obtainable.



At your first consultation, the region for treatment will be outlined on your body.

The category of anaesthesia to be administered is dependent on the size and number of regions to be treated.


Preparing the area

A local anaesthetic is injected into the region to be treated via surgical keyholes.

The VASER probe that transmits ultrasound energy is introduced to selectively liquefy the fat cells for extraction.


Removing the fat

A suction device is used to extract the liquified fat.


Returning home

For small regions treated using a local anaesthetic, after the application of the dressings, followed by post-operative instructions, then you can return home.


Will I see an immediate result?

For most patients, desirable results follow immediately. Although, the region may be a bit protuberant initially, and after a few days begins to shrink. The transformation will be natural and subtle. In subsequent months, you will begin to notice an improvement in the entire appearance and tone of the regions that have been treated.


How long is the Recovery?

The recovery period varies depending on the regions that have been treated and the amount of fat extracted.

In some cases, there may be some minimal inflammations. Thus, it is recommended you avoid heavy lifting and exercises for 2-3 weeks following the procedure to enable your body to heal completely.


Will I need any aftercare?

Prior to your discharge from the clinic, we’ll inform you of all you need to know about making a speedy recovery and self-care. For any questions and consultation, we are always available if required.


Difference between VASER Lipo and laser lipolysis? 

The major distinguishing factor is the application of the technology towards the treatment and also the type of treatments that can be performed. Laser lipolysis applies a laser fiber to deliver laser energy to the fatty tissue via a cut made on the skin. Laser lipolysis is not minimally invasive, hence can result in damage to vital tissue structures such as nerves and blood vessels during treatment. However, VASER lipo involves the use of a thin ultrasound probe which transmits ultrasound energy to selectively break up the unwanted fat in a gentle manner, whilst avoiding vital tissues to enable quick recovery and even skin retraction. In most cases, laser lipolysis is utilized for the treatment of small regions of localized fat. VASER lipo, on the other hand, can be used to treat both small and large sections of the body. These two procedures use small instruments and may be performed whilst you’re awake.


How much fat can I remove with VASER lipo?

Before the procedure, we’ll always discuss whether or not the procedure is suitable.


VASER lipo is an effective procedure for eliminating stubborn fat deposits from regions of the body where dieting and exercise may not suffice. A lot of people find it easier to lose weight from the upper regions of the body, but from the waist down it almost seems impossible to shed that extra flesh. VASER liposuction becomes useful here. It’s rapid, minimally invasive, and less traumatic.


In addition, this treatment is not a stopgap treatment for weight loss. Long-term results are maintained if you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, before the VASER lipo treatment, our surgeons will first observe your body form and ensure the procedure is suitable for you.


More about VASER Liposuction

VASER liposuction is a keyhole surgery that removes unwanted fat from your body. It can be done for both men and women. It is a meticulous treatment procedure that can be used to reshape and resize your body. Furthermore, VASER lipo is minimally invasive compared to traditional liposuction. This liposuction treatment can be performed using a local anesthetic.


VASER is an acronym for ‘Vibration Amplification of  Sound Energy at Resonance’. Fat cells are broken up using cutting-edge ultrasound technology. This technology uses powerful ultrasound waves to loosen fat gently, which are then extracted by suction.


VASER Lipo is a very effective technique in the removal of unwanted fat from your body. A unique feature of VASER liposuction is the selective breakdown of fat cells by the powerfully emitted ultrasound, without damaging other vital tissues.


VASER liposuction can also be referred to as VASER lipo or Ultrasound liposuction.


VASER liposuction vs traditional liposuction?

With state-of-the-art technology, liposuction utilizes powerful ultrasound energy to remove targeted fat cells, which produces excellent results as well as a faster recovery period.


It might interest you to know that VASER liposuction is efficient, minimally invasive, and works to precision.


Should I be worried about future weight gain or perhaps fat deposits in other regions?

After your VASER lipo procedure, if there is a re-emergence of weight or BMI increase, it will be evenly distributed over your entire body. The extracted fat does not return, all you have to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle of proper dieting and regular exercising.


Although, some necessary fat layers may remain within your body tissues as fat is vital to a healthy body. Subsequently, should you gain added weight, the leftover fatty tissue will enlarge. Gradual changes due to aging can also be anticipated.


Can VASER liposuction help with weight loss?

VASER liposuction does not offer weight loss, it simply is the removal of stubborn fat which is not reduced with regular exercise and proper diet.

If you wish to lose weight or perhaps burn fat, it is best to exercise regularly with a balanced diet.

Weight loss via liposuction is a myth (Misconception).



There is a general Misconception that liposuction can flatten the stomach. Well! It depends, liposuction surgery majorly targets subcutaneous fat deposits, which is found under your skin.


If your stomach fat is as a result of your muscles, it will not be improved with liposuction. However, you can still set a course to get the flat stomach you desire, what you have to do is maintain a balanced diet, and exercise regularly, be it at the gym or perhaps routine strenuous activities.


Can anyone have VASER liposuction surgery?

VASER liposuction is not for everyone, the treatment or surgery is for targeted regions of unwanted fats on your body. It is more effective if you’ve previously lost a significant amount of your body fat through exercising and dieting, but there remains an area of stubborn fat.


For beginners on the road to losing fat, we may recommend you discuss it with our in-house nutritionists for initial consultations. As such, we can determine the most suitable and complete approach in ensuring you have the right treatment.



Preparing for VASER Liposuction? 

Prior to your VASER liposuction treatment, you should maintain a healthy weight. If you’re a smoker it’s equally advisable that you quit smoking a month before your VASER procedure. Also, anti-inflammatory painkillers and blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided a month before the surgery.


What Happens During a Liposuction procedure?

VASER liposuction is minimally invasive compared to traditional liposuction, your comfort and convenience are our utmost priority. As the surgery begins, your surgeon gently outlines your body regions to be treated.


 Thereafter, you will lie flat and a local anesthetic will be administered. As soon as the anesthetic kicks in, small incisions are made close to the outline. A saline solution or tumescent fluid will be injected into the targeted area to enlarge the tissue layers.


Then, an ultrasound probe will be inserted into the skin to break up fatty tissues and cells. This is followed by the introduction of a cannula to vacuum out the fat. Once this is done, the procedure is complete and incisions are closed up, dressed with bandages, and properly cleaned up.


Will I feel any sensation or pain during my VASER lipo surgery?

In some cases, the local anesthetic surgery is convenient for most patients, however, some patients may feel slight pain in certain areas.

For cases of multiple regions treatment, general anesthesia is administered as the sedative. Here, you will be asleep all through the entire surgical operation.


How much time does VASER Lipo surgery take?

The surgery varies depending on the level of treatment required and as well the treatment regions.


Do I need to be sedated for VASER Lipo surgery?

Sedation before the surgery is necessary, as this will help to soothe the treatment region. Although, with treatments of multiple regions, a general anesthetic is administered.

Are there any side effects to Vaser Lipo?

VASER liposuction is a low-risk procedure. Although there are some risks of side effects such as pain and aching at the site of liposuction, scaring after healing, and inflammations.


To reduce the risk of these side effects after the VASER lipo procedure, the skilled hands of an experienced surgeon have to be involved.


The skill and experience provided by your surgeon coupled with state-of-the-art technology will ensure your body re-make goes accordingly as planned and also reduce the risk of possible complications.


How soon would I recover from Vaser Lipo?

You should be able to go about your routine activities the day after treatment. Although with VASER liposuction, the recovery period usually lasts for 3-4weeks. Morning walks and strolls are advisable, as they will help with fluid drainage.


Ensure you avoid any form of strenuous activity or exercise for up to a month to allow your body to recover fully.


Your time off work is dependent on the magnitude of the treatment and the nature of your job. For an office job, you should be able to return to work after a day or two, however, taking a week off will be most suitable for speeding up the healing process.


Post Surgery 

The additional weight that re-emerges will be spread equally throughout your body. The VASER lipo surgery only does the work of removing the unwanted fat present in your body tissues, the other aspect is left for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and experience the benefits thereafter.


How long will my VASER lipo results last? 

The results from your VASER lipo will last as long as you maintain your weight and BMI. All you need to do is maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to keep form and remain fit.


How quickly will I see results after the surgery? 

Usually, results become obvious immediately, although it becomes prominent after a period of 5-6weeks.


When can my dressings be removed after VASER lipo? 

On completion of the surgery, after the incisions have been completely closed up, you will notice some fluid release from your wounds for the first few days. Thus, it is necessary to change your dressings regularly. This is done to ensure your skin remains soothed and clean.

If you’re having any questions or inquiries, your surgeon is always available to talk you through.


Will there be any bruising or swelling with VASER lipo treatment? 

Bruising and swelling from VASER lipo treatment are inevitable. The extent of this depends largely on the size of the region treated and your body’s reaction. Post-operation complications vary for different individuals. Our Liposuction Recovery Package is readily available to help resolve post-surgical swelling and bruising.


Will I be left with Scars after the lipo surgery?

Scarring from the procedure tends to heal quickly. A visible wound will be present in the region of treatment which will disappear over time.


How soon can I exercise after VASER liposuction? 

After your VASER liposuction, you’ll need a few days before you can begin routine exercises. Conscious efforts should be made towards avoiding strains in the treated region.


In a month, you should be up and running quite freely. However, you should avoid excessive activities. You should stay away from vigorous activities like heavy lifting and strenuous workouts For a period of 6weeks.



When will I be able to drive again after surgery? 

You will not be able to drive immediately after your treatment. You shouldn’t drive until you have been authorized by your surgeon.


Instructions on discharge


  • When it’s the day for you to be discharged, you’ll be issued waterproof dressings under the pressure garment
  • The pressure garment should be worn day and night for 14days, however, it can be removed once a day for a quick shower.
  • TED stockings are to be worn for 14days.
  • A compression garment will be provided for you. However, you will get another by purchasing one from the clinic.
  • Discharge is with standard painkillers and medication.
  • Consume a lot of fluid to replenish fluid loss during the liposuction treatment.


Dressing clinic


  • Usually about 7 days after the surgical operation when the wounds will be analyzed.




  • We advise that you avoid any form of energetic activity for the first 14days.
  • Gently Moisturise the scars after the first trimester.
  • Moisten the skin surface.