Who is the good candidate for MTF breast augmentation


MTF breast augmentation carries all of the same risks associated with any surgical procedure. To ensure your risk of complications and side effects are low, it is important to possess good overall health in advance of MTF breast augmentation.

The information below is meant to serve as a basic guideline for prospective patients. It is not all-encompassing or definitive. Each patient is unique and the only way to truly determine if MTF breast augmentation is right for you is to arrange a consultation with our surgical team.


Always Be Honest and Upfront about Your Medical History

To reduce your risk of complications and negative side effects, it’s essential that you disclose all of your medical history during your consultation. Hiding significant health problems (or current prescriptions) because you think they will prevent you from having the procedure will only hurt you and potentially place you at medical risks in the long run.


Though the following medical conditions won’t necessarily prevent you from being a good candidate for MTF breast augmentation, they may necessitate medical clearance from your regular physician:

  • Heavy smoker or drinker
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • A bleeding disorder
  • Lung or heart disease
  • Obesity


MTF breast augmentation isn’t right for everyone. Prior to surgery, you will need to undergo a physical examination with our team as well as an in-depth discussion of your health history and cosmetic goals.


Current Medications and Supplements,

For your safety, it’s important to disclose all prescription and over-the-counter medications, dietary and herbal supplements and recreational drugs you have taken in the six months leading up to your surgical consultation. Certain drugs and supplements may have a negative impact on your surgery, and will need to be discontinued in advance. Our team will go over these restrictions with you at length.


MTF Breast Augmentation and Body Weight

There are no definite weight restrictions for this procedure. However, patients who are overweight or obese will have a higher risk of complications and unfavourable results. Possessing realistic expectations when you are overweight is key to patient satisfaction.


Additionally, if you are planning on losing a significant amount of weight, it’s recommended that you get closer to your ideal weight before undergoing breast surgery. This will greatly enhance the final cosmetic result of your procedure.


Smoking and MTF Breast Augmentation

If you’re a current smoker, you’re probably already well-versed in the negative health consequences associated with regular tobacco use. Because a smoking habit greatly compromises your body’s natural healing ability, you will be required to stop smoking at least three full weeks in advance of surgery (and another three weeks post-surgery).


Smoking limits blood flow to the skin and triggers the release of skin-damaging free radicals which are likely to increase swelling and worsen scarring during recovery. The same rules apply to vape use.


Find out if MTF Breast Augmentation is Right for You

The only way to determine if you are an ideal candidate for MTF breast augmentation is the schedule a consultation with our team. During your consultation, you will undergo a physical exam, and discuss important factors such as your current health and aesthetic goals.